Danaos is the largest integrator of ship management software systems in the world. Over the years the company has become the world's leading supplier of computerised management systems and programs for the international maritime community. Their aim is to provide fully integrated technical services, from the initial stage to the end of a project, no matter how complex the requirement maybe. Their experience covers the areas of software, hardware, systems implementation, training, and a unique service in supporting its clients towards ISM code certification, which is mandatory for every shipping company in the industry.

We at Five Stars know the ability of Danaos systems and have understood the importance of incorporating their system within the organisation and onboard our vessel. Their planned maintenance system is second to none and by far is the only true PMS available to the shipping industry. Their operations system is unrivalled in the industry and is a brilliant ship management tool. Our association with Danaos software systems has helped us achieve our goals in the most efficient and effective manne.