At Five Stars, we acknowledge the need for iterative crew training for effective ship management. A dedicated team of training instructors conduct and manage vocational programmes to maintain a superior level of skills through onboard training, contemporary domain knowledge and technology tutorials. Our fully qualified crew, in turn, add tangible value to our clients through superior ship management practises.
At Five Stars, the cadets and ratings are trained onboard vessels to foster a "hands on" approach to learning. Necessary training is also given through an association of training institutes, which provide a comprehensive scenario based curriculum. This enables us to develop crew teams that are capable of managing a diversified fleet.

Onboard Training
Planned training is carried out onboard the vessels to provide crew members with an accurate understanding of Information Technology Systems, organizational & management skills, and to create a knowledge base on safety procedures. Additionally, pre-refresher insights into STCW courses are carried out during audits and inspections.

Shore Based Training
Shore based training is similar to that of on-board training but is intended for crew who are to join onboard. Apart from these, training is also carried out in association with training institutes, which entail various courses.

Customised Training
Customised training is designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Training courses are tailor-made in association with various organisations and institutions.